A 20mm vertical profile separates the glazed panes.

Optimal security provided by a multipoint lock system.

Sliding glazed surface up to 36 Sq m (12x3)
Toughened glass system that allows a superior resistance.

Flush frame perfectly leveled to the finish materials through the whole periphery for a perfect visual continuity between interior and exterior.

Exceptional watertightness performances; air permeability and wind resistance.

Exceptional binding polyamides and high energy performance glasses assure a top thermal and acoustic efficiency and comfort feeling. Much more than a Window is available in single, double and triple glass.


Much more than a Window is the perfect solution
for your project, when the combination of quality, high technology and aesthetics are the main reasons for
your choice.

By using self-supporting glasses, our systems push architectural limits and offers the possibility to
use glazed surfaces up to 36 Sq.m. per pane.

From floor to ceiling, a 20mm vertical reinforced profile provides a minimal appearance, merging indoor and outdoor into one, with top quality guarantee. The slim and elegant handle provides a streamlined appearance, which, combined with our special rolling system, guaranties an easy hand opening and maintenance of the panes. Optionally, for an even higher level of comfort, the system can be motorized and controled remotely.

In combination with a safe toughened glass, Much more than a Window's exclusive security lock system assures a high quality level of security to the windows. With the brand new security system, we present you a hidden lock, an elegant solution unique on the market. 

Our systems provide a full and complete range of solutions, according to each architecture project needs. 

A technical team, especially assigned to each market, keeps in charge of each project, accompanying and providing technical assistance, assemblage and after-

-sales service.


Much more than a Window  is a trademark property of ECOSTEEL. Production, Instalation, and commercialization of our systems is ensured for each market,by Much more than a Window's respective partners or local alliance, according to the under and previously settled with ECOSTEEL.

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