This system is composed of a set of screens wrapped in a motorized central tubular structure. The ends of the cloths are oriented by cables, pulleys and tension springs which, in turn, are fixed to tubular structures in stainless steel.


The combination of these elements results in an exceptional resistance to strong winds, making it an extremely attractive product to be used in regions with adverse and unstable climatic conditions, such as those located on the coast.The ability to cover a total area of ​​approximately 55 m2 of shade and its proven resistance, even in the most adverse conditions, makes SWALLOW an unprecedented product that unequivocally responds to customers' expectations.


The screens are collected or opened by remote control and/or automatically ordered sent by the solar sensor. In case of excessive wind, the integrated anemometer and associated with the motor allows to collect the screens in order to ensure all measures of protection of the product.SWALLOW's versatility also allows the wind sensor to be replaced with a programmable clock, sensors for lighting, movement, rain, among others, as another things. In the event of a power failure, the closing movements and the opening are performed using the manual, through an alternative resource crank.


This structural system is developed using tubular profiles with certain inclinations and twists, ensuring that SWALLOW is an exemplary product due to its unquestionable elegance and subtlety. The 60mm diameter stainless steel tubular structure is designed and produced according to the specificities and requirements of each project, so that it can be easily adapted to any part of a building or chosen space.


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