LARGLASS® is a VEC curtain wall system, made up of the latest fiberglass profile technology, obtained by pultrusion process, and developed for fenestrations and facades, when a full exterior view of glass is desired.


With the use of fiberglass profiles with low thermal conductivity (W/m K = 0.40), we have taken up the challenge of the most demanding energy efficiency certifications and developed a system that can easily meet them, such as PASSIVHAUS and MINERGIE.


In addition to the traditional façade typologies, we have also developed an internationally patented reversible system that allows the window an opening angle of 165°, making it possible to clean the glass from the inside of the building.


Much more than a Window  is a trademark property of ECOSTEEL. Production, Instalation, and commercialization of our systems is ensured for each market,by Much more than a Window's respective partners or local alliance, according to the under and previously settled with ECOSTEEL.

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