We keep on pursuing many exciting research endeavors. Our research is an integral part of our development environment and is closely related with the differentiation of our products.

Our I&D department  is a multidisciplinary design team with a strong capability and technological competence in the field of architecture, engineering
and product design, specialized specifically in the development of technologically advanced building systems, in order to achieve the perfect product, balancing technology and aesthetics in each solution.

The I&D team developments include: facades (transparent, translucent or opaque); window systems (sliding systems, structural systems, spin systems; mixed systems), and building coats (composed by static elements or with insertion of dynamic modules),
all executed in materials of metallic or composite origin


Much more than a Window  is a trademark property of ECOSTEEL. Production, Instalation, and commercialization of our systems is ensured for each market,by Much more than a Window's respective partners or local alliance, according to the under and previously settled with ECOSTEEL.

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