"Hey! It’s Robby Myer, the architects concierge from Golden State Window & Door Design, and I got to tell you, the other day I had a moment. And now I know that I’m fortunate: I live in a beautiful place, daily I work with brilliant people on straight-up magnificent projects, and man the other day I’m in one staring out from a masterpiece of a home build and what I saw was overwhelming, but I was just like WOW: look at that view, somebody’s going to get to wake up to this and then I got it. I was like that’s it, that’s it, that’s why we work, it’s the views, the settings, the personal slices of paradise woven into the caos of daily life here in California. We spend our whole lives working to improve the view of our own personal space, our piece of the world and we want to see it, all of it, our lovely domain, even if it’s only in a view. In that moment, I began to really realize what manifests in the visionary designers reimagining today’s definition of home. The mindset of gentlemen like José Maria Ferreira, when he work tirelessly to develop the very idea of minimalist frame window systems, specifically to preserve those views. As humans, we’ve come a long way, we’ve gone from a view with a cave, overlooking fire to occupying these palatial spaceships perched high on hillsides, overlooking the landscape beyond and any clutter between us, and that seems somewhat offensive, doesn’t it? So now, I get it and that’s why i believe minimalist frame windows are the look of this next decade and the luxury residential. Now, this minimal frame thing it’s nothing new, it’s been developing for decades in Europe, so you know it’s proven but, all the while, that’s been evolving and it continues to evolve and leading that evolution is Mr. Ferreira’s company OTIIMA. OTIIMA manufacturers  minimalists frame window indoor systems designed to conceal almost the entire frame behind the finishes, behind the sheetrock under the floor, so all you see is nothing but that view, your view, the view you’ve worked your whole life to wake up to or if you are a architect, the view that you’ve discovered and framed for your clientes. OTIIMA is distributed through a U.S partner out of Southern of California owned by a group of people who started out in the fenestration industry as an installation team and I like that because installation is always a challenge with almost any luxury door and window product, and having a resource that comes from the install side of the business on this particular product, ensures that you’re going to have the installation support to get the installation right and support the performance of such a complex product. With all this, OTIIMA offers a comprehensive minimalist frame solution and that’s why I’m making this video for you today, to give your firm the opportunity to discover this product that’s much more than a window. It’s the very portal to the view that you’re framing in the next project setting. I feel so strongly about this trend and even so more about this new window from OTIIMA that I’ve made it one of my featured products in the ten best new products presentation. If your firms taking in this presentation in the past, you know I evaluate hundreds of products every year and this is the window that stood out amongst all the competition. If you’d like me to bring that ten best new products presentation featuring a quick overview of OTIIMA windows and nine other great new products into your office, click the ten best new products button in the newsletter where you find this video. If you’d like to book a typical lunch and learn specifically on OTIIMA doors and windows, I can do that too, either way you really want to see us this one because it’s a game changer, the next level, or whatever you want to call it because, quite frankly, it’s just badass and you need to know about it. I can help you integrate into your project your vision from that setting, wherever that view happens to be as long as it’s in Northern California.


I’m Robby Myer, the architects concierge Golden State Window & Door Design. If you like this vídeo, please click like, won’t cost anything and be cool if you did. I don’t want to pander for likes but I will say please and thank you just for watching.  "



Robby Myer GOLDEN STATE LUMBER, Inc. Architectual Consultant


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