Excellent Product Design

Building and Elements

38 PLUS system and FUSION system received the distinction "German Design Award" in the category Excellent Product Design".


The systems were recognized by the expert committee of the German Design Award 2019, collecting the prize

"The minimalist design of this window frame makes it exceptionally elegant. A system notable for its outstanding form and function that is bound to blend beautifully into minimalist decors." - Jury Statement about 38 PLUS

"Thanks to full integration into the building itself, an optimally large glass surface is created that eliminates the boundary between interior and exterior. An elegant system that endows interiors with a special atmosphere. Superb." - Jury Statement about FUSION SYSTEM


Much more than a Window  is a trademark property of ECOSTEEL. Production, Instalation, and commercialization of our systems is ensured for each market,by Much more than a Window's respective partners or local alliance, according to the under and previously settled with ECOSTEEL.

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